Monday, October 19, 2009

Today's Astronomy News Update For 10/19/09

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Nearly 3 Dozen Planets Found  

Moon Crash Plume Visible to Spacecraft But Not Earth Telescopes

Astronomers clash with US air force over laser rules 

Meteorite Hits Family SUV In Ontario

Second meteorite found near site of first space rock

Strong Meteor Shower Peaks Wednesday Morning

Watch the 2009 Orionid meteor shower

New View Of The Heliosphere: Cassini Helps Redraw Shape Of Solar System

Galactic Magnetic Fields May Control Boundaries Of Our Solar System  

Taiwanese amateur astronomer discovers new asteroid

Video - Asteroid Collision Watch

Giant Impact Near India — Not Mexico — May Have Killed Dinosaurs

New Dino-destroying Theory Fuels Hot Debate

Wake Me In 9 Years: 9 Questions For NASA's New Horizons

Where Could Humans Survive in our Solar System?

Astronomers do it Again: Find Organic Molecules Around Gas Planet

Hot Crescent Rolls… A Bubble?

New Concept May Enhance Earth-Mars Communication

Opportunity Discovers Still Another Meteorite! Find It on Google Mars

Opportunity Finished With 'Shelter Island'

How to Protect Other Planets from Earth Microbes  

Launches and Dockings and Robots, Oh My!

Glitch Delays Rollout of NASA's New Rocket

Video - Ares I-X Unveiled

Seize Your Chance to Explore the Universe 

Geologists Point To Outer Space As Source Of The Earth's Mineral Riches  


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