Thursday, October 22, 2009

Today's Astronomy News Update For 10/22/09

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Jeff Greason: NASA must invest in human space flight

Laser microscope aims to uncover alien life

Sun's rain could explain why corona heat is insane 

Rethinking relativity: Is time out of joint?

What's the point of a fake 500-day Mars mission?

Atlas V launch successful 

Last Visit Home for ESA's Comet Chaser

Scientists Use Supercomputers to 'See' Black Holes

View Jupiter Better Than Galileo Did

Astronomers Find Organic Molecules Around Gas Planet

Three more space rocks found in Grimsby

Panel Urges $3 Billion More Per Year to Go to Moon, Mars

Ares I-X at the Launchpad

Mysterious Patches of Color Mapped on Saturn's Moons

And Then There Were 400

My Mexican Observing Expedition Early this month astronomers made the first serious attempt to record the passage of a Kuiper Belt object in front of a star. Here's the story of Boston-area amateur Bruce Berger's trip to an observatory in Mexico to capture this historic event.

Final Look At ESA's SMOS And Proba-2 Satellites

High-Speed Test To Improve Pathogen Decontamination Developed

MER Team Prepares to Extract Spirit

LRO, Chandrayaan-1 Scientist Arrested for Espionage

Skies Sparkle For Both Hemispheres – The Annual Orionid Meteor Shower! (Video Included)

The Orionid Meteor Shower – What Did You See?

NASA Administrator Orders Study of Heavy Lift Alternatives

Have a Galileo Moment

Galaxy Cluster Far, Far Away Smashes Distance Record

Missions to Mars Poster

Air Force's Secretive Space Plane Nears Maiden Voyage

Video - NASA's Vision For Humans in Space Constellation: ISS

New Rocket Fuel Mixes Ice and Metal

Controversial moon theory rewrites history  


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