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Astronomy Update For 11/5/09

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New type of supernova found

Water Geysers on Saturn Moon Take Center Stage

Cassini tastes icy material from Saturn moon geyser  

Sister Supernovas Leave Billowing Bubbles of Gas

Orbiter camera sees ice-covered Phoenix lander

Shedding Light on the Cosmic Skeleton

Stars May be Cosmic Road Signs to Intelligent Aliens

Kepler's Twitchy Detectors

Hints of More Extra-Galactic Planets

Multi-Planet System is Chaotic, Dusty

'Ultra-primitive' particles found in comet dust

Scientists Use Roadrunner to Model Origins of the Unseen Universe

New CMB Measurements Support Standard Model

Strange Brew at LCROSS's Crash Site

Two new ESA satellites successfully lofted into orbit

NASA's Fermi Telescope Detects Gamma Rays From Star Factories In Other Galaxies

Gamma-ray sources guide astronomers to pulsars

MESSENGER Spacecraft Reveals More Hidden Territory on Mercury

Amazing image from planet Mercury: NASA

Mercury Throws Geologists a Curve

Rosetta to Make Final Earth Flyby Nov. 13th

Black Holes Produce the Most Energetic Cosmic Radiation

Unusual meteorite found by time-lapse camera observatory

Texas A&M prof to predict weather on Mars

Mars Explorers May Use AI to Become 'Cyborg Astrobiologists'

Neutron Star at Core of Cas A Has Carbon Atmosphere

Hubble's New Camera Delivers Another Stunner

Meteoritic Impacts May Have Cooked Up Life's Components

Solar winds triggered by magnetic fields

Identity of Puzzling Star Revealed

Dead Star Encased in Diamond Shroud

Unsettled Youth: Spitzer Observes a Chaotic Planetary System

Elevator to the Top: Space Elevators Climbing Towards Reality

Going Up? Top Floor, Space Elevator Games 2009

Inside the space debate

NASA May Drop Ares I-Y Test Flight

NASA announces STS-129 details

STS-129 Behind the Scenes: How to Put on the "Pumpkin Suit" (VIDEO)

Can Spy Satellites read your Car Number Plate?

LRO's Closer Look at the Apollo 12 Landing Site


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